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**Special Notice**

When his blog was begun, it was done so as something independent of St. Josaphat church. The intent was to showcase the work of St. Josaphat’s Tridentine Community and Tridentine events in the AOD and elsewhere.

Sometime between 2011-2012, this blog was absorbed by the official parish website and postings had to be limited to parish related events because it had taken on a sort of official capacity.

With the newly revised parish website ( this blog has once again become independent of the parish of Mother of Divine Mercy (St. Josaphat Church).

Due to my busy schedule, posting on here is not going to be as frequent as it used to be. However, please be assured that this blog will continue to run for as long as it will be possible to run it.


Fr. Greg announced this morning that the regular Sunday 9:30 AM Tridentine Mass at St. Josaphat will be changed to 8:30 AM starting on Sunday, July 12.

This is a TEMPORARY time change for the summer.
The 9:30 AM Mass time will resume on Sunday, August 16.

Please inform everyone you know about this time change.

Also, the Rosary will be recited at 8:05 AM and Confessions will be heard before the 8:30 AM Mass.

In addition, we will have coffee and refreshments after the 8:30 AM Mass every Sunday. Parishioners and friends who would like to contribute refreshments are welcome to do so.

Mass of Thanksgiving of newly ordained Fr. Tim Ferguson – June 21, 2015

Well, it has been a while since this blog has been updated.

I hope with this new post to once more take up blogging for Mother of Divine Mercy – St. Josaphat’s Tridentine Community.

Please note that Fr. Tim will be the celebrant of tomorrow’s 7:00 PM Monday Night Low Mass.

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Photo Post: The Ordination of Fr. Joseph Tuskiewicz



The promise of obedience

The promise of obedience

Litany of Saints

Litany of Saints


Laying on of hands

Laying on of hands


Anointing of hands

Anointing of hands


Photos taken by: Edgar Din

Tridentine Confirmations 2014



Save Our Steeples Campaign


To make a donation online, visit:

Or contact:

Mother of Divine Mercy Parish

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Parish Office: 313.831.6659


As always, your prayers and sacrifices with regard to this effort are much needed and appreciated.


All Tridentine Masses are at St. Joseph’s church until further notice.

The regular Tridentine schedule is as follows.

Sunday: 9:30 AM

Monday: 7:00 PM

First Friday: 7:00 PM

For directions to St. Joseph Church: