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Concluding Blog Post

For all Tridentine Community members who visit this page, I hope you will be able to relive the happy memories of our time at St. Josaphat and in other places where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered in the Extraordinary Form.

For those who visit this blog regularly, I want to thank you for your interest and your support throughout the past 8 years that this blog has been up.

For those who will find this blog by chance, welcome. I hope you will find in this blog a wonderful historical record of the early days of the Tridentine Mass in Detroit after the liturgical reforms of Vatican II. I also hope you will benefit from the various pieces of religious information offered here.

For those who visit this page because of devotion to St. Philomena, I hope you will take this beloved saint as a friend and as a spiritual sister in Heaven. If you already have devotion to her, I hope that you will continue in your devotion to her. Those who wish may join in a private monthly novena from the 3rd-11th of each month. The prayer may be found on her page. Those accustomed the the previous Friday devotion which was posted here may continue or switch to this new devotional practice.

For those who have found this page for any other reason, I hope God will bless you and that whatever brought you here will do some good for you.

With the establishment of St. Joseph Oratory and the departure of the regular Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Josaphat, I feel that time has come for me to close this blog.

This will be my last blog post here.

The blog will continue to remain online and if need be I will update any schedule information for the sake of those who may find this page by accident.

For more information on Mother of Divine Mercy Parish please visit:

To learn about the newly established St. Joseph Oratory please visit:

Again, I want to note this blog is independent of Mother of Divine Mercy Parish. All current official information may be found on the official website or on the parish Facebook page.

With all that said, again I want to thank all of you who have come to this blog and those who may still come in the future.

May God bless you all.

Mass of Thanksgiving of newly ordained Fr. Tim Ferguson – June 21, 2015

Well, it has been a while since this blog has been updated.

I hope with this new post to once more take up blogging for Mother of Divine Mercy – St. Josaphat’s Tridentine Community.

Please note that Fr. Tim will be the celebrant of tomorrow’s 7:00 PM Monday Night Low Mass.

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Photo Post: The Ordination of Fr. Joseph Tuskiewicz



The promise of obedience

The promise of obedience

Litany of Saints

Litany of Saints


Laying on of hands

Laying on of hands


Anointing of hands

Anointing of hands


Photos taken by: Edgar Din

Tridentine Confirmations 2014



Midnight Solemn High Mass of Christmas Photo Post I


To be continued…

External Solemnity of St. Josaphat this Sunday

DSC_0176 (2)

We will celebrate the External Solemnity of St. Josaphat this Sunday at the 9:30 AM Tridentine Mass. Veneration of the Relic of St. Josaphat will take place after the Mass.

We will not be able to raise the painting of St. Josaphat above the altar this year due to some technical problems that came about after the High Altar’s re-painting.

Fr. Greg’s Tridentine Sung Mass


Feast of Saint Philomena 2013 Photos

This year’s celebration of St. Philomena was observed on Sunday, August 11. Our celebrant was Fr. John Bustamante from Assumption Grotto Church in Detroit, MI.

SAM_0218 Fr. Bustamante blesses the faithful with a relic of the saint. SAM_0219 SAM_0223 Relic VenerationSAM_0227 SAM_0228 SAM_0234

I would like mention that the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena has started a worldwide petition drive to have St. Philomena’s feast re-instated in the Liturgical Calendar.

A copy of this petition may be found here for you print and sign:

More information on this campaign and other St. Philomena related news may be found at this link:

Pontifical Baptism in the Extraordinary Form Photos

The following photos are from our recent Pontifical Baptism in the Extraordinary Form. The celebrant was Bishop Francis Reiss, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit. This is the first time that a bishop has celebrated Baptism according to the Old Rite since the liturgical reforms.
daniel baptism-3For the first part of the Baptism, the Bishop is vested in purple. This is the portion where Exorcisms are performed and various other rites and prayers before the actual Baptism.daniel baptism-5daniel baptism-8daniel baptism-9daniel baptism-12

The bishop changes from the purple vestments into the white or gold vestments for the Baptism of the child.daniel baptism-23daniel baptism-24daniel baptism-25daniel baptism-26daniel baptism-32daniel baptism-39