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Timeline of the Tridentine Mass in Windsor & Detroit

 The following timeline is presented so as to give our readers an idea about how the Tridentine Mass came about not only the Archdiocese of Detroit, but also in Windsor, Canada.

Mass in Windsor at Historic Assumption Church

Mass in Windsor at Historic Assumption Church

Mass at St. Josaphat

Mass at St. Josaphat

1991 – Thomas Marshall from Michigan, and Earl Amyotte and Murray Harris from Windsor successfully obtain permission from (then) Diocese of London, Ontario Auxiliary Bishop Frederick Henry for a Tridentine Mass under the 1988 Indult, Ecclesia Dei. The initial home of the Mass is the Assumption High School Chapel. A non-profit entity, the Windsor Tridentine Mass Association, is formed to administer the operation.

1997 – Wassim Sarweh joins the WTMA and starts its first music program.

1997 – The WTMA is given permission to hold a one-time-only Mass in Assumption Church, for the first Mass of a newly ordained priest. The community is stunned by the crowds that attend.

1998 – The Windsor Mass is relocated to the chapel of the Villa Maria Nursing Home. This unfortunate location caused several people to cease attending the Mass.

December, 2002 – Discussions begin with Fr. Mark Borkowski about starting a Tridentine Mass in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Previous efforts to obtain permission from the Archdiocese have failed, thus new approaches are called for.

Spring, 2003 – Newly installed London Bishop Ronald Fabbro gives permission to the WTMA to relocate to any parish it wishes in Windsor, as long as the pastor approves. The Mass moves to St. Michael’s Church, the first time that the Mass has a fitting home.

October, 2003 – Fr. George Gabet, FSSP, celebrates the first Solemn High Mass held in metro Detroit in almost 35 years at St. Michael’s Church. A sizable crowd attends.

Summer, 2004 – Cardinal Maida approves an Indult Mass for Detroit.

October, 2004 – The first Tridentine Mass in the Archdiocese of Detroit in almost 35 years debuts at St. Josaphat Church. Wassim Sarweh is appointed by the Archdiocese of Detroit as music director, after an audition at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral.

April, 2007 – Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Daniels approves the relocation of the Windsor Tridentine Mass to Assumption Church, the most appropriate location in Windsor for the Tridentine Mass.

September, 2007 – As the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum takes effect, St. Josaphat Church commences a Monday evening Tridentine Low Mass

October, 2007 – St. Joseph Church commences a Tridentine Mass on the Fourth Sunday of the Month.

December, 2007 – The Christmas Midnight Mass at St. Joseph Church, historically a Latin Novus Ordo Mass, becomes a Tridentine Mass.

February, 2008 – Special-occasion Tridentine Masses begin to be held at St. Albertus Church

May, 2008 – Special-occasion Tridentine Masses begin to be held at Sweetest Heart of Mary Church

A testimony about Monday Night Mass…

St. Josaphat Church in the evening

St. Josaphat Church in the evening

We received the following link to a blog that gave a short testimonial about the weekday Monday Night Masses.

The following link is from the Musings of a Pertinacious Papist blog.

Feast of the Holy Family 1/11/2009

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More photo posts coming!

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Side Altar of Our Blessed Mother with Sts. Joachim and Anne

Side Altar of Our Blessed Mother with Sts. Joachim and Anne

Christmas V (final set of photos)

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Christmas IV

Well, here is a continuation of the series of photos from Christmas. 5-2-2007-144