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Pilgrimage Mass at the National Shrine of the Little Flower

On the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptisit and as part of the Pilgrimage for Christian Culture, a Missa Cantata according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite was offered at the National Shrine of the Little Flower.  This was the second time that such a Mass took place at the Shrine since Summorum Pontificum was issued in 2007  and the first time in more than 40 years that such a Mass took place in the St. Therese Chapel.


Pentecost Post III (Final)

Pentecost Photo Post II


For Your Pious Consideration…..

The Holy Face devotion is another wonderful way for the faithful to offer Reparation to Our Lord. It is also another way by which special graces both spiritual and temporal may obtained from God. To learn more about this devotion visit:

You are invited to offer up these special prayers in honor of the Holy Face for the needs of our Parish and Tridentine Mass Community of St. Josaphat. Please also pray for our Cluster and our Tridentine Community in Windsor. By offering the Holy Face to the Eternal Father, you can help bring down many blessings both spiritual and temporal upon our communities. Please also pray for the Archdiocese of Detroit as well. Offer these prayers for your own personal intentions needs too.  Pray these prayers after your daily Rosary or after Mass. If you cannot do all the prayers presented below, pray at least The Golden Arrow.

 Prayers in Honor of the Holy Face

I salute Thee, I adore Thee, and I love Thee, O adorable Face of Jesus, my Beloved, noble seal of the Divinity; with all the powers of my soul, I apply myself to Thee and most humbly pray Thee to imprint the features of Thy Divine likeness on my heart. Amen.

The Golden Arrow

May the most holy, the most unutterable, the most Sacred Name of God be praised, blessed, adored and glorified and loved in heaven, on earth and under the earth by all creatures and by the Most adorable Heart of Jesus in the Most adorable Sacrament of the Altar!

Prayers of the Holy Man of Tours

O my Savior. Jesus, at the sight of Thy most Holy Face disfigured by suffering, at the sight of Thy most Sacred Heart, so full of love, I cry with St. Augustine: “Lord Jesus, imprint on my heart Thy sacred wounds, so that I may read therein sorrow and love; sorrow, to endure every sorrow for Thee; love, to despise every love for Thee.

O adorable Face of my Jesus, so mercifully bowed upon the tree of the Cross on the day of Thy Passion, for the salvation of men, now inclined in Thy pity towards us, poor sinners; cast upon us a look of compassion, and receive us to the kiss of peace. Amen

O Lord Jesus Christ, in presenting ourselves before Thy adorable Face, to beg of Thee the graces we most need, we beseech Thee, to give us above all things the disposition of never refusing at any time to do what Thou requirest of us by Thy commandments and divine inspirations. Amen

Be merciful to us, O my God, and reject not our prayers when we call on Thy Name in the midst of our afflictions, and seek Thy adorable Face with loving hearts. Amen.

O Almighty and Eternal God, look upon the Face of Thy Son, Jesus. We present it to Thee with confidence to implore Thy pardon. The All-Merciful Advocate opens His Mouth to plead our cause: hearken to His voice, behold His tears, O God, and, through His infinite merits, listen to Him when He intercedes for us, poor sinners. Amen.”

Prayer of Pope Pius IX

O my Jesus, cast a look of mercy on us: turn Thy Face towards each of us, as Thou didst to Veronica. not that we may see it with our bodily eyes, for this we do not deserve, but turn it towards our hearts, so that remembering Thee, we may ever draw from this fountain of strength the vigour necessary to bear the combats of life. Amen.


Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us

St. Anne, patroness of our archdiocese, pray for us

St. Josaphat, our patron, pray for us

St. Philomena, pray for us

Solemn High Mass of Pentecost Sunday: Post I