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Feast of Saint Philomena 2013 Photos

This year’s celebration of St. Philomena was observed on Sunday, August 11. Our celebrant was Fr. John Bustamante from Assumption Grotto Church in Detroit, MI.

SAM_0218 Fr. Bustamante blesses the faithful with a relic of the saint. SAM_0219 SAM_0223 Relic VenerationSAM_0227 SAM_0228 SAM_0234

I would like mention that the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena has started a worldwide petition drive to have St. Philomena’s feast re-instated in the Liturgical Calendar.

A copy of this petition may be found here for you print and sign:

More information on this campaign and other St. Philomena related news may be found at this link:


Marian Procession and May Crowning 2013


From our January Devotions to St. Philomena

The following photos are from our January devotions to St. Philomena.

DSC_0737 DSC_0745 DSC_0753 DSC_0763 (2) DSC_0764

More devotions are scheduled for May and August. Please keep checking for updates.

Merry Christmas!

IMG_0510 (2)

Prayer in Honor of the Infant Jesus

I adore Thee, O Word Incarnate, true Son of God from all eternity, and true Son of Mary ever Virgin in the fullness of time. When I adore thy divine Person, and the Humanity united to thy Divinity, I venerate the poor manger which welcomed Thee when an Infant, and which was truly the throne of thy love. I prostrate myself before it with the simplicity of the shepherds, with the faith of Joseph, with the love of Mary. I bow down in veneration of this precious memorial of our salvation with the same spirit of mortification, poverty and humility with which Thou, though the Lord of heaven and earth, didst choose for thyself a manger wherein to lay thy tender infant limbs. And Thou, O Lord, who in thine Infancy didst deign to lay thyself in this manger, vouchsafe also to pour into my heart a drop of that joy to which the sight of thy lovely Childhood, and the miracles which accompanied thy Birth, gave rise. Byt hat holy Birth, I now implore Thee to grant to all the world peace and goodwill, and in the name of the whole human race I render thanks and honour to God the Father, and to God the Holy Spirit, Who with Thee live and reign one God world without end. Amen.

St. Philomena Devotions at St. Josaphat

The following pictures are from our St. Philomena devotions at St. Josaphat that took place on August 19, 2012. The celebrant for the Mass and devotions was our parochial administrator, Fr. Roman. We have been holding devotions to St. Philomena since August of 2005.

Corpus Christi High Mass and Outdoor Procession

We held our High Mass and outdoor procession to 4 outdoor altars on Thursday, June 7, which is traditionally the day Corpus Christi is observed in the calendar of the Extraordinary Form. This is also the case for the Ordinary Form calendar. In some places like in the Vatican, Thursday is observed as the Feast of Corpus Christi. In most places, such as the United States, Corpus Christi is observed on Sunday.

Mass and St. Philomena Devotions: 1/15/2012

Devotions in honor of St. Philomena were held on Sunday, January 15. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Darrell Roman, our parochial administrator. Fr. Roman also led the devotions which concluded with veneration of a relic of St. Philomena.

Our next St. Philomena devotional day is scheduled for May 20 (Subject to change)

To learn more about St. Philomena, visit our blog’s devotional page or her Sanctuary at

To learn more about a special St. Philomena Pilgrimage to Italy this May with Fr. Rocus of Holy Spirit Church in Brighton, MI visit: